The Hottest Gadgets of 2010!

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The Hottest Gadgets of 2010!

Published on: Friday, 3rd December 2010 09:12 AM     By      Admin

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The Stuff team reassessed every new gadget, service, game and app that they used over the past 12 months on these criteria: How well it performs, the value for money it offers, the level to which these gadgets push the technological boundaries in its field and how much users want it.

So read on to get started on everything from the best gaming consoles, cellphones, tablets, laptops to dream machines!

Innovation Of The Year: Xbox Kinect

The wireless controllers of the previous generation of consoles paved the way for the Wii's movement-sensitive Wii Remote, which in turn shed light on the ultimate goal: no controller at all.

Kinect is that dream made reality.

With a camera, a depth sensor, a microphone and a whole lot of clever programming, it quite literally turns you into the controller. Make a bowling action and you may well get a strike; hold your hands as if gripping a wheel and you're in a racing car.

It has the potential to bring gaming even further into the mainstream, transforming pick-up-and-play into no-needto-pick-up-at-all.

To top it all, it lets you control your Xbox's media as if you're in Minority Report, and to issue your console
voice instructions. It's no wonder the Kinect has made it to the top of the list of new tech this year.

Look at a Touch asleep in its box, and it's hard not to be impressed; it's ridiculously thin. And shiny, too, its flawless surfaces picking up fingerprints like an over-eager forensics team.

Then you turn it on, and impressed becomes astounded.

With the same hi-res Retina display as the iPhone 4, video looks amazing. Music sounds amazing. Then there are
the apps: the varied, graphically impressive games that have made the Touch the most successful portable games
machine in the world.

To polish off a superior feature roster, it has a 720p hi-def video camera on the back and another on the front for Wi-Fi video calling, as well as one of the best pocket web surfers in the world. Simply put, if you're going to spend Rs 15k or so on portable entertainment, buying anything else would be pure madness. - UK’s No 1 Indian Community Portal
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